Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Official day & what we know

Samsung Note 9The most advanced phone from Samsung, Note 9 is launching on August 9th.

We are looking forward to a well-worked phone with a sure-footed evolution of Samsung’s most powerful device from the beginning. The first Note left us with a good impresion, it was unexpectedly great, everyone said that we don’t need such big phones, and today everybody makes large screens, very big and ever larger and we expect that and the new Note is a bit higher than the previous generation, but even stronger.


We’ll start with the camera. We don’t know the exact positioning, it will probably be like Note 8 or maybe S9+, it is important that the fingerprint sensor will be under the camera for easier access and no longer to dirty the lens of the phone when you unlock the phone. Although we really want to see a renewed camera, we will most likely see an update to the current camera with small diaphragm interventions, that is, a camera that can better crop the subject of the background, and that you can shoot pictures in the best light for you or the best you let on automatically as 99% of the users do. He’ll do his job at least as well. The camera will benefit more than ever of artificial intelligence. We expect to recognize all sorts of things or people and do more than pictures


We think the screen will no longer exceed 6.3 inches, it would already be a lot, and although the phone will eat even more from the edges, it will not cover the whole face. We don’t think you can still do this without sacrificing a thing or without putting a notch.

Still the same resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels, which many decrease as S9 to protect the battery, that is, we take very good screens that we make to see worse. Not all, but many yes, without realizing. If you already have a Samsung S9 or S9+ do this experiment, go to the screen and see if you’re at full resolution or you’re on the medium. But we will not have a notch. (Yay!) Even Google Pixel 3 seems to have a notch, which Samsung didn’t do and we’re glad they made that decision, it would have been a stupid thing. Anyway, they’ve made fun of this notch in an ad.


Before performance we will talk about colors. What colours will the Note 9 come in? Most likely on black, silver, purple, brown and light blue. Of course, you will hear much more fun marketing names. It’s important that S Pen is the same color as the case and we’re sure that S Pen, which is already excellent for drawing, will do more and more.

Samsung Note 9 colors












We are interested in performance. Note always on this series innovates on productivity. This phone means business. It’s good for business, because it really has the strength, it has power and processing power that almost no one uses, but it’s good to be there if you need it.

At processing, we expect to come with a Snapdragon 850 or Exynos 9810 for Americans depending on the networks there. Why we are interesting about Snapdragon 850? Beyond the power of processing everything that has been so far, the fact that it can take 4K, complex filming, all sorts of virtual reality and so on. The artificial intelligence module, this is important because it will interfere more with the operation of the phone and not just with the camera application. Practically with artificial intelligence you can take the existing camera from the S9+ and turn it into a two times better camera, only through algorithms and processing, and we’re really curious how far we get to this section. Artificial intelligence will do a lot of things, it will make applications go faster, easier to open up, optimize the battery, learn lifestyle, hope will stop the notifications when you don’t need them. That’s like listening to you and realizing you’re doing something so important that you don’t want the phone to ring. How would that be?

What we want most of all is that this processor with artificial intelligence to go hand in hand with DeX, so you can turn your phone into a computer, you can already do it from S7, with S8 got better, with Note 8 has become almost perfect. Yes, you can have a lot of applications on a Full HD screen and you can play including PUBG, Fortnite. Fortnite might also come in on Note 9. How about seeing this thing? Because this processor along with the graphics accelerator will already be stronger than a lot of laptops, we believe he can beat the performance with a laptop of the same price. At least it should. Together with a DeX, to turn any screen into a computer where you can do anything. How would that be? Okay, you can do this and now, but the majority of the world doesn’t, but maybe it will.

At the speed section on Note 9 we may see a premiere, most likely the new Cat. 18 model with speeds up to 1.2GBps, if your network is able to offer you this.


We are expecting 6GB of RAM and in reality no phone uses more, although at Note 9 we will be happy if we see 8GB, so that computer performance when you put it in DeX and use it as a computer replacement, desktop, laptop, those extra 2GB of RAM would still help you keep your Exel or any other prgram in the bar while you’re playing a game.

In the storage section we expect to come with 128GB of standard storage, which is good news. It is heard that there might be a Note 9 with 512GB of flash memory. And we know that there are already 512GB micro SD cards, they are not cheap, but how about having a 1TB memory phone?


Here we are expecting a 4000mAh battery with + or – and it will surely charge very quickly. There is even more information about a faster charge than what we know right now, so you can charge 100% your phone in less than an hour and within 5 minutes you’ll have a few hours of battery life.


Overall, we expect more processing power, a much better camera on a quality device that will cost about €900-1000 or more if you want the top version of 512GB storage.