ShareX – Screen Capture

ShareX is a program to make a screenshot extremely fast with direct upload to his servers like,, and another more servers, or host your own, indicating FTP data.

We can set the program to automatically start with Windows, what and we recommend, by right clicking on the icon appeared in the taskbar and then click Application Settings, then Integration where you’ll click Run at Windows Login, and then press the button Save.

To make a capture right click on the taskbar icon and then click Capture, where you’ll find more options (fullscreen, window etc.) or faster typing PRTSC or CTRL + PRTSC to select a region.
After each capture will automatically have in clipboard (copy and paste) the link directly to the capture made.

The program has more more options, can also makes QR Codes and more tools. We recommend to upload directly to, but it’s your choice.

A program to make screenshots extremely useful, especially for those who need a program fast in everything that he can do (capture and upload). We’ll let you to discover what it’s capable of.

Download ShareX